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Part 1 provides an overview of newspaper advertising and explains exactly how to use your newspaper contacts. Part 2 will help you design headlines for your ads and show you what to write to cause readers to act. Part 3 will identify what you absolutely must include that almost forces the customer to contact you. Read More

Sometimes critics of Kentucky's education reform say the Prichard Committee isn't objective enough about whether the school overhaul is working. Sexton said his group spent the 1980s criticizing Kentucky's system of education and pushed for many of the reforms passed in 1990 by the legislature."We liked the reform that was passed," he said. "We wanted this reform. Part of our job has been to defend it." Prichard Committee members acknowledge more work needs to be done to improve Kentucky's classrooms. Read More

Ohio has added a savings plan to go along with the prepaid tuition option. The distributions from these plans can be used for qualified education expenses at any accredited institution. If your college savings plan includes U.S. savings bonds, you can exclude the interest if you use the proceeds to pay qualified education expenses. Of course, this too is phased out for higher income taxpayers beginning at $81,100 ($54,100 for single taxpayers).Read More

Enactments ensure diversions and sacred privileges of every single resident of the nation, apathetic regarding their experience, race, color, sexual orientation or whatever other particulars. Read More