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Sometimes critics of Kentucky's education reform say the Prichard Committee isn't objective enough about whether the school overhaul is working. Sexton said his group spent the 1980s criticizing Kentucky's system of education and pushed for many of the reforms passed in 1990 by the legislature.

"We liked the reform that was passed," he said. "We wanted this reform. Part of our job has been to defend it." Prichard Committee members acknowledge more work needs to be done to improve Kentucky's classrooms. We are specialists at communication and knowledge in providing Property Conveyancing services at very lowest price. "We've got several priorities, including finding adequate funding to maintain the momentum we started," Sexton said. "We're working on that through these new Partners for Kentucky's Future. We also want to focus on improved teaching -- on guaranteeing that every child has a well qualified teacher in the classroom; and involving more parents."

Sen. David Karem, a Democrat from Louisville who has been a staunch supporter of the reform, praises the Prichard Committee, but also challenges them to do more to garner public support for schools. "I think truthfully they've been invaluable as far as public education in the state of Kentucky is concerned," he said. "Having said that, I think they need to be a bit more street active -- While I think they are an incredibly good group, they could be a greater group -- . Candidly the most popular item in the state should be public education."

Ray Hebert, a Thomas More College professor who has promoted cooperative education efforts in Northern Kentucky, said the Prichard Committee continues to be a strong force for education reform at all levels and he attributes much of it to Sexton's leadership.

"He believes in Kentucky," Hebert said. "He loves Kentucky, and he believes this is his calling."